Chairlift falling off rails

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    Me and my cousin are trying to make a chairlift for a game and are struggling a bit.

  2. What is the issue?
    It is fine going on a straight line but as soon as the lift tilts upwards, the cart either goes up perfectly or falls off the line instantly. We used archimedes for the curve in the lift and have the Assembly Linear Velocity at 5,0,0
    As you can see, some fall off, and some go up the line

    Some also juat fall off without even moving when they have been placed on the line

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    At first it wasn’t working at all, but then it randomly started going up but some of the carts dont? the carts are identical so im not sure where i went wrong

I tried scripting it but it wouldnt work so I thought this way would be easier and I dont want to give up trying this if it has been partially succesful

Please note that the chairlift design is very basic and just a prototype to see if the system works, i will make a proper 3d model in blender in the later stages of development x

thanks for reading if you can help that would be great, im willing to take photos of properties, scripts etc.

the fact that the line is brown is irrelavant btw i just forgot to colour it

How are you moving the chairlift? Are you using TweenService?

the chair is attached to a line which has AssemblyLinearVelocity on 5,0,0 so the line acts as a conveyor belt and the chair moves along the conveyor belt

Ok, is the CollisionFidelity of the line/chair part set to PreciseConvexDecomposition? If not, it might be false collisions.

i did that and it still fell off unfortunately

What parts did you set the Collision Fidelity on?

i put them on the chairs which are unioned together

Is the chair attached to the line just using that loop? And is it only falling off when it hits the curve?

think i may have solved it now, made the line thicker and it is working

yes, its not working anymore, ive not changed anything

You could use tweenservice instead, with a loop that goes through each point


for _, v in ipairs(points) do
	if v:IsA('BasePart') then
		local tween = TweenService:Create(chairlift,, {Position = v.Position))
		--now it should go to the next point