Change camera position?

i have a script that changes my Character model to another while in game.

it works but it also resets the Cameras Position, which is not what i want.
i have tried to make camera.Type = “Scriptable” then setting the cframe to before it was changed, but after that i am not able to move the camera until i set it back to Custom, and when i set it back to custom, it just resets the camera again :stuck_out_tongue:


Could you send a video of the issue?

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Oh. I see. How about setting that camera type to scriptable and then save the camera CFrame before changing the character, and setting it after?

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ah that would have been a good idea, but i have alredy tried that exact same thing as i have mentioned above

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How about setting it to “fixed”, not “custom”?

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still does not work, the camera is just fixed at a point and not following the character anymore

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How about “follow”?

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i have tried all the other camera types, does not work

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it appears that you delete your character upon switching to a new one. I think it might cause the CameraSubject property to lose its subject and reset the camera. Maybe you could try this

--Create a the new character
local initialCameraCFrame = camera.CFrame
camera.CameraSubject = newChar
--Destory old character
camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable
camera.CFrame = initialCameraCFrame
camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Custom

Hello, can you send the script please? of resetting avatar-
Literally you only have to do
local savedcam = Camera.CFrame
– Reset plr
Camera.CFrame = savedcam

He responded in the reply that he did exactly that already.

This is just an awkward property of the Camera working with Humanoids. There is no event to wait for when the camera is changed, so the best you can do is add a task.wait(0.1) before setting the camera CFrame to its old CFrame.

Wait for the CFrame to change before setting the camera’s CFrame once the character is added, like this:

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
local player = Players.LocalPlayer

local oldRot =

	camera.CFrame = * oldRot

	oldRot = camera.CFrame - camera.CFrame.Position