Change #code-review to #code-evaluation

Many here know that occasionally, people tend to post help topics related to programming in the code-review category since its name implies that it is a category for others to review your code and essentially fix it. The guidelines state otherwise. It is a category to review code. Players should be informed by the name that it is intended for this purpose and that the #support categories are for receiving help. I believe changing the categories name to code-evaluation would help younger-ish users to know its purpose. The word review doesn’t really describe the #code-review category correctly.

By making this change, it will reduce the amount of wrongly-placed topics and will inform newer users that code-review should only be used as a place for others to evaluate your code.

I don’t think it’s needed because when you choose the category you can see a little description of it and they should read it before to pubblish. For the code review they say: “This shoudl be used for an already created code that you need to improve” or something like that.

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I don’t think the name should be changed, but the category rules itself.

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Code review is the standard term for this. Deviating from it over this seems silly to me. I know that some TL3 users occasionally recategorize topics there, otherwise flag/DM.


The amount of times in which a support request is miscategorised to review is trivial enough not to warrant any sort of change. There are a lot of users who don’t bother to read anything (titles, summaries or guidelines) because they care more about getting their question answered than about how the forum works, so renaming things won’t solve or alleviate the issue. Send the user a PM or flag the post.

Code evaluation to me sounds like someone doesn’t have access to Studio and wants someone to test something for them. Code review is less ambiguous in my opinion.