Change color of light to be the same colour as Brick Colour

local color = script.Parent.BrickColor 
color = script.Parent.light.Color 

Basically, I want the color of the light to be the same as the colour of the brick.
Can somebody help me?

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local Light = --define the light
Light.Color = script.Parent.Color

BrickColor will not index with the light as it uses Color3. Use Part.Color instead.

Doesn’t work, also the light is a beam and not a light.

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Beams use ColorSequence.
You’ll need to set it to instead.

And what would the script look like?

show the workspace of where light and the brick are.

local beam = --define it here
beam.Color =

[assuming you want a solid color and no gradient]

local beam = script.Parent.light

beam.Color =

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 20.09.24
Would this be the correct place, since it isn’t working?

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What error output does that throw?

It doesn’t throw out any error output.

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Strange, I’m not sure why it isn’t changing, as it should be printing something if there’s incorrect input.
If it’s any help, I’ll link the ColorSequence API Reference for you.
ColorSequence (

just run this, this worked for me :

local Part = game.Workspace.BeamPart
local Beam = Part.Beam

Beam.Color =

you could use Part = Script.Parent
if the workspace looks like this