Change "Cool Creations" to Mention "Feedback"

Currently, a lot of post approval requests that go into Cool Creations involve people posting something they have been working on and nothing else. In the About the Cool Creations category, it states that threads not looking for feedback should be redirected to the “What are you working on currently” thread.

The subforum name to me indicates it is a place to post creations with no additional requirements (like asking for feedback). The subforum should be renamed to something that specifies it is about getting feedback, like “Creation Feedback”, so it is more clear about what the category is and hopefully get less “feedback on XYZ” threads in Building Support, although this may require no post approval process for the category.


I am not fully sure on this as the category description does state:

Which allows people to post their new games they are releasing or have just released. When you release a game you will want to create discussions around your creation to get more publicity, whereas you might not always be looking for feedback as much. There have been many developers (including me) who have used it as a place to show their new games rather than a place for feedback or getting help.

Maybe a better title would be something along the lines of Creations and Releases Discussion. Thoughts?