Change default footstep sounds

Is there any way to change the default footstep sounds? (And jumping sounds if possible)
I am making a horror game, and the default footsteps sound too much like a cartoon.
I have looked on YouTube, but nothing came up.
I have tried the Devfourm as well, but the other posts are too confusing.
Any feedback would be appreciated!!


Inside the Character’s HumanoidRootPart, there are all the sounds. You can script a script that changes the “Running” and “Jumping” SoundId to whatever you want. Something like this:
player.Character.HumanoidRootPart.Running.SoundId = "rbxassetid://"
You’ll need to define player, though, and you’ll also need to modify the SoundId to whatever you want.

Hope I helped!

Edit: This solution isn’t efficient, please use the solution below.


Character sounds are now managed by a LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts called RbxCharacterSounds. Fork this script out by copying it, stopping a test session and pasting it into StarterPlayerScripts in your Studio view. Open it up and the first thing you should see are the SoundIds. Change them to your liking, commit changes if collaborative editing is enabled and then you’re set.


I can’t find this; I’m assuming there has been a change to the system since March and the way it works. Can I get an updated way to change footstep audio?



No, there has been no change. RbxCharacterSounds still handles character sounds. What have you tried such that you can’t find the script? Did you follow all the steps I had outlined?

If all else fails, the source code for RbxCharacterSounds is available. Insert a LocalScript into StarterPlayerScripts and name it RbxCharacterSounds, then copy and paste the following source code into that LocalScript in order to have a working copy handy:

(Alternatively: RbxCharacterSounds.lua)

You can then get right down to changing the sounds if forking is too confusing for you.


I know this is an old post but I found what was mentioned here, how would I go about having different walk sounds for different materials. I’ll keep looking

I think I have just found something that you might be after for. A YouTube tutorial going over about how to set up different sounds for different materials by @GnomeCode:

Hopefully, this helps with what you’re trying to achieve. I know I’m late as I have just stumbled upon this post not too long ago, but forgive me.


Thanks ill check it out, ive watched some of this persons stuff, I may have seen this at one point and just saved it then forget about it lol.

Its good because after making my comment I forgot to continue looking :smile: