Change height of R6 character

I want to resize my character to be 2x taller in R6

I’ve already resized the limbs but I can’t seem to figure out how to re-joint it perfectly, enlighten me plz


Sorry but I can’t seem to understand, please go in depth and share your code

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well basically i want something like this to be achieved

Go to the R6’s character’s humanoid in workspace. Then inside humanoid, change the bodyheight thingy.

Yeah you could change a characters bodyheight as it is a property under the characters humanoid

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Maybe you can make a custom rig for the player, I would watch some tutorials on humanoid scaling.

Do you want that everyone that joins the game to be 2x taller?

i think thats only available for r15

Here is how Adonis does it (copied from the github):

                    local Motors = {}
					local Percent = num --(replace with the size)

					table.insert(Motors, char.HumanoidRootPart.RootJoint)
					for i,Motor in pairs(char.Torso:GetChildren()) do
						if Motor:IsA("Motor6D") == false then continue end
						table.insert(Motors, Motor)
					for i,v in pairs(Motors) do
						v.C0 = * Percent)) * (v.C0 - v.C0.Position)
						v.C1 = * Percent)) * (v.C1 - v.C1.Position)

					for i,Part in pairs(char:GetChildren()) do
						if Part:IsA("BasePart") == false then continue end
						Part.Size = Part.Size * Percent

					for i,Accessory in pairs(char:GetChildren()) do
						if Accessory:IsA("Accessory") == false then continue end

						Accessory.Handle.AccessoryWeld.C0 = * Percent)) * (Accessory.Handle.AccessoryWeld.C0 - Accessory.Handle.AccessoryWeld.C0.Position)
						Accessory.Handle.AccessoryWeld.C1 = * Percent)) * (Accessory.Handle.AccessoryWeld.C1 - Accessory.Handle.AccessoryWeld.C1.Position)

						if Accessory.Handle:FindFirstChildOfClass("SpecialMesh") then
							Accessory.Handle:FindFirstChildOfClass("SpecialMesh").Scale *= Percent

You can find the full implementation here (under the Resize section)


I only wanted it to resize via y scale though

it seems to work well, i’ll try to reference from this script thanks!