Change MaterialVariant's Textures

Hi there,
I wanted to make a working engine that turns a regular game into a game made from the 1990s(?), but I’ve ran into a problem that I think should be solved easily yet I don’t know how.

I’m trying to change the MaterialVariant textures so it doesn’t have this ugly sun glare using a module script, yet I can’t seem to find the ColorMap or the RoughnessMap properties.

local function MaterialShading()
	while task.wait(0.5) do
		local Virellia = Services.MaterialService:WaitForChild("Virellia")
		if Virellia then
			local Virellia ="Folder", Services.MaterialService)
			Virellia.Name = "Virellia"
			-- Materials
			local Grass ="MaterialVariant", Virellia)
			Grass.Name = "Grass"

            -- no colormap property			
            -- no roughnessmap property

			Grass.BaseMaterial = Materials.Grass.BaseMaterial
			Grass.MaterialPattern = Materials.Grass.Pattern
			Grass.StudsPerTile = Materials.Grass.Studs

Does anybody know a solution to this problem because I don’t.
I’ve looked through the documentation and found nothing, so I must’ve beaten around a dead bush.

I only need examples so I can follow it and hopefully learn something in the future.

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It might not appear in the editor, which should be a bug, but setting it directly seems to work fine?

ColorMap doesn’t work in script (presumably command too) because it’s not a valid property apparently, which is stupid.

What? Did you not see what I replied?

i did, i just don’t believe it works.
lemme try that.