Change multiple parents a time

I am trying to change multiple parents at a time.
I have a content bin and it has multiple lighting effects that I want to go into lighting.

Basically meaning doing a simple i, in pairs, which I did try and it still wouldn’t work
any ideas?


Well doing a for loop is the best way to do this
So something like

for _, effect in pairs(contentbin:GetChildren()) do
    effect.Parent = game.Lighting

There are other methods but this should work just fine

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There was an error, since its multiple effects that are going into lighting. The effects are all different
12:42:21.669 Workspace.Im***** 🏝 - Light.Im*****Handler:36: attempt to call a nil value - Server - ImmerseHandler:36 12:42:21.670 Stack Begin - Studio 12:42:21.670 Script 'Workspace.Im*****🏝 - Light.Im*****Handler', Line 36 - function loadtheme - Studio - Im*****Handler:36 12:42:21.670 Script 'Workspace.Im***** 🏝 - Light.Im*****Handler', Line 54 - Studio - Im*****Handler:54 12:42:21.670 Stack End - Studio

Their names should not matter
for _, effect - - every time it loops ‘effect’ is changed to the next value
What are the values you are looping through?

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Wait, I just realised. The reason the value is nil is because its doing get children 2 times.

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Now, I have another issue though…

Unhandled Promise rejection:
Unexpected response when fetching game name, no game info
CorePackages.Packages._Index.evaera_roblox-lua-promise.roblox-lua-promise:151 function runExecutor

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Thats a roblox thing it happens when you haven’t published your game
Just ignore it, It doesn’t do anything

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How would I make it so it changed the clock time with module scriptCapture

return {
[‘Settings’] = {
[‘ClockTime’] = 14,
[‘GlobalShadows’] = true,


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Funny enough…another loop!
but this time we’ll be using the index parameter.
You can actually check properties like you would in a table.
So something like:

for key, value in pairs(thetable['Settings'] do
   game.Lighting[key] = value
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There is and error it would be ) after the ] correct?

for key, value in pairs(thetable['Settings']) do
   game.Lighting[key] = value

Oh yes there would be my bad
Didn’t write it in studio lol

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Error again.
Settings is not a valid member of ModuleScript "Workspace.Im***** 🏝Light.Resources.LightingResourses.Realism

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How are you getting the Settings?
From the error it looks like you’re trying to do Realism.Settings on the module script itself which won’t work

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the settings is inside the realism script

You’re doing:

local realism = require(whereitsstored.Realism)


im doing this, funny enough it was named thetable before.

local thetable = Resources.LightingResourses[currenttheme]

Its fixed, thank you so much!!!

Except roblox lua promise is really annoying me.

It doesn’t bother me but maybe something in this post can help you

thank you so much. I really appreciate your help!