Change Other Types of Mouse Icon

I already know Mouse.Icon but I wanted to know how to change the “grab hand,” “pointing hand,” and other types of cursor icon.

I tried looking on Youtube and websites but I failes.


So you’re trying to change the studio curser icons?

In my roblox game, I already changed the default cursor (arrow) to another icon, now I want to change the other icons such as “pointing” hands and more.

Possibly you could hook the events that cause a change of icon to occur, i.e. when the hand appears it’s usually when the mouse ray is cast and hits a moveable object, these will be handled internally by Roblox so may not have connectable functions.

You will probably have to override this in a continuous event like RenderStepped and have a folder containing certain objects (ones that can be moved, rotated, deleted, etc.). While you successfully cast a ray onto one of the objects in these folders you will have to continuously change the mouse cursor icon to the one that you want to show. That’s why it will have to be done in a fast running frame stepping function like RenderStepped.

Here’s an example from another post, Google is your friend. But I would refrain from using player:GetMouse() as this is deprecated but it will give you some idea how to achieve this. Give me a few moments and I will try to replicate this using UserInputService and some raycasting.