Change permissions to be based upon age-verification

I wouldn’t concern myself with “killing the devforum community”, because as far as myself and many others are concerned, the community has been long dead, ever since the forums opened up to anyone. Seriously, you guys don’t think the devforum community is healthy or productive to actual development, do you? The only use I get out of this website is seeing change logs and update announcements from Roblox.


Thanks for your concerns. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve updated to post accordingly to combat these issues. Keep in mind as I stated earlier the ID verification is not just for the forum, but for Roblox in general. I wouldn’t be surprised if you will have to be ID verified for DevEx in the future.

If I remember correctly from first doing these Tax Forms, you are required to put your SSN (correct me if I’m wrong here). If you are willing to provide your SSN for a platform, I can’t imagine not feeling comfortable sharing ID.

Yes they have, they are using veriff.

Info getting leaked can unfortunately happen anywhere your information is. I trust Roblox as much as I’d trust other companies and I’d suggest doing full research and making an informed decision before providing information to any company. If you do not have enough vested interest in Roblox development to simply provide legal documentation stating your age is true, then you should not have the same posting permissions as everyone. (However some should stay, as I edited the OP).

There isn’t. The DevForum was not intended to be the place where developers are creative. That happens in the actual innovation made in the games. The DevForum is a developer forum where developers can show off work, get help, etc. If a user cannot use the forum, that in no way limits their ability to be a developer on Roblox.


If not #feature-requests at least #bug-reports should be accessible in that case. Not bothered about features unless it affects workflow, but bug reports is kinda crucial to lock behind a trust level.

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If it’s that crucial, then you should verify. :slightly_smiling_face:


No, the TL2 role was made for users that Roblox trusts to make feature requests, etc. It is not just for anyone that can confirm their identity.

By making the forum require verification to post, you would encourage the use of external services as alternatives to the DevForum.

I do however think that there should be some sort of flair for verified users.

Another reminder, that Roblox in the past have rejected feature requests to limit the forum to accounts that are over a certain account age.


There isn’t a valid or proper reason to verify just to access #bug-reports which is again locked in a system worse than regular.


The point of this feature request is to change that. I suggest re-reading this feature request, you missed the crucial part that I’m suggesting repurposing TL2.


Yeah, but the point is that verifying your age should not go for #bug-reports or #feature-requests


It does seem like the only way to really expand upon who even has access to it in the first place without having those two categories descend pre-restrictions chaos. Unless you have a better solution yourself, this one’s the most viable one at the moment.


I’ve gone through the site, and I saw they accept ID cards too. I would support this if Roblox were to accept only ID cards as other documents contains certain valuable information which can easily be misused.

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Yes, however I don’t believe you can get an ID card at 13, at least in the countries I know of.

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There is a meaningful distinction between providing ID to access a supposedly open forum environment and providing a SSN because it’s legally required tax information for you to be able to profit from your work. I provide my tax information because I want to profit; I will not be providing my ID because I’m not interested in a surveillance state lite.

The Roblox forum is the only forum that has by far such a large issue with <13 users affecting forum quality. I would wager that while this is in part because the audience is also very young, it’s made worse by Roblox’s clear disregard of the forum. How long ago were we promised a Post Approval replacement?


It’s not the government ID card I’m talking about. It’s like school ID cards, office ID cards etc, since they contain the birth date and stuff.

This is absoutely draconian. The ID verification is an extreme invasion of privacy and I might as well continue to use bug-support to report bugs.

The whole purpose of ID verification is to verify users to ensure trust in them, and to verify their age. Your proposal is pretty much turning ID Verification into a monetization model by making users verify to unlock more features, which shouldn’t even require any sort of verification in the first place.

I like your passion for a safer and more professional development forum, but requiring users to verify an ID is not the right way to do this.

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Yes we do. You should already have a government-issued ID, and a passport. If you want to pay taxes, you better have an ID. Usually people just buy a fishing license for it

Uhh… nobody’s forcing you to use it. :man_shrugging: I can respect your wishes not to use it but the company will make decisions based on facts, and the facts are that ID verification is a necessary step forward for the company. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; a corporation as large as Roblox isn’t gonna stop a feature just because someone doesn’t like it.

This… is the entire point of trust levels… :man_facepalming: This is exactly what I’m suggesting.

Literally no other company uses ID verification, and the devforum is fine in the state it is.



Actually, plenty of companies use it.

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Discord (if reported as -13)
    … and plenty of others as well.

Additionally, I meant for this company. Keep in mind this feature is not limited to the DevForum, I’m suggesting the DevForum use it. It’s a Roblox feature.

All of the companies make you use it because you have to use it, as for using in real money transactions.


You get get a fishing or boating license at 13, which both I have. You can also get a learners permit for driving at 15.