Change player character's limb to a rigged mesh

Hello. I want to change the character’s arm to a rigged mesh model. So basically what I want to achieve is to remove the original character arm and replace it with another model that will act as the new arm upon key press. I don’t know what to do at all. Any ideas?

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So far my server script is:

And the result is this lol:

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Prepare your mesh arm:

  • Place a dummy in workspace.
  • Position your arm where you want it on the dummy.
  • Duplicate the dummy arm and weld it to your mesh arm.
  • Delete everything except the two arm parts.
  • Make them a model and weld them together.
  • Change transparency property of both parts to 1.
  • Click on massless for both parts in the property window.

Position your new arm:

  • Use the CFrame of the dummy part.
    – Match your mesh arm CFrame with the character’s arm CFrame
    (armDummy.CFrame = armCharacter.CFrame)
  • Weld your dummy arm the character arm

Switch arms:

– Change the transparency property of the character arm to 1 – make it invisible
– Change the transparency property of your mesh arm to 0 – make it visible


Do I use a motor6d or weldconstraint?
Also since there is animationcontroller too the mesh is a model so I can’t use its CFrame.


Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 10.48.58 AM

Make the dummy arm the PrimaryPart of your arm model.

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