Change Players' Replication Focus to part that doesn't exist in the client


The issue I am dealing with is that my game has a character customization area in which a player’s character is cloned to a different area far from the map and the player can customize this clone while not physically teleporting to the area and staying in the same place they are on the map.

This was working perfectly, but I recently noticed that on mobile devices, it throws an error because when Streaming Enabled is on, the customization area is unloaded and is streamed out of the client and doesn’t exist when they are far away from it.

How can I make it so that the area is replicated without having to teleport the character to the place that I want to load in? I have already tried simply moving the player’s Current Camera CFrame to the location and it doesn’t load in the unstreamed objects.

There is a load function thing which you can fire to attempt to load an area in, but I cannot remember what it was called

I think you are looking for RequestStreamAroundAsync.

You could basically just have a server script that runs:


Exactly what i was looking for! I didn’t know this function existed. Thank you!