Change Roblox Chat Window / UI Resolution?

Basically, sometimes I accidently press keys on my keyboard which changes the resolution of some of my UIs in game, this is too small for me, and I prefer to have less chats on the window at once, this is it currently, not how I like it.

Is there a button or setting to up scale/ down scale these UIs in the game?


If you copy the whole chat service code whilst in test mode, then paste it into chat service on studio mode, you can play around with the module settings and scripts.

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There’s a button to the right of the text box, which you can click and drag to move around the size.

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Note that this is disabled by default, the developer can turn it on by changing module.WindowResizable = false to true inside ChatSettings in the default chat.

However, referencing the OP’s original question I don’t believe this is possible without changing these settings in the ChatSettings module, correct me if I’m wrong though.



That should really be there by default, I don’t see any reason why it should be disabled