Change Script Identitiy only for the Script Editor to have Plugin intellisense

This is in VS Code with Roblox LSP Plugin

This is in Roblox Studio

Is there any way, to tell Roblox’s intellisense what Security Identity a thing should be?

Similar to --!strict` and –!nonstrict``

By default, Script Editor uses a normal GameScript security level, but this can be overriden by a setting in
File → Studio Settings → Script Editor → General → Autocomplete Plugin-security methods. With this box checked, Script Editor will also offer Plugin security completions.


That works :+1:

I just need to remember to change it back, since some methods have the PluginSecurity that aren’t part of the type Plugin. But when specifically working on a Plugin it’s good to have it on.

Like Terrain.ConvertToSmooth, which is deprecated, but solely just as an example.


I don’t know how to find all PluginSecurity methods. This here doesn’t let me search specifically for the Security.

It would be an useful way to see what Plugins can do, that the regular identity can’t.

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