Change Surface Normal of a Meshpart

Here is a diagram I have created to illustrate my issue:

Ignore the joints. See inside of the dashed box.

As you may see, the issue is that the front normal is on the left hand side relative to the character. Is there a way to easily switch the front normal of the MeshPart? I 3d modeled the character in blender, perhaps there’s a way to easily switch it from there? Here are a couple of screenshots to show the current placement of the normals.

The character is already rigged, and this is for inverse kinematics. The issue is, it moves the leg along the front normal (facing the left of the character). Here is a gif of the current motion:

Help is much appreciated.


Yeah I think one option is to change the axis of the model in blender then reimport it.

Or you could create a BasePart with the correct surface normal front,lookvector orient it and create a joint to that basepart.

Then make this BasePart invis while you weld constraint the mesh onto this BasePart. This is what I did temporarily due to see C1 joint issues with the union (you can see it in my IK open source module place file in the foot)

(To be more specific in order to make my foot flat I had to rotate it 90degrees because by default it was not)

Btw nice IK what method are you using.

I thought about using an invisible part too, I may have to do that. I used FABRIK, found this algorithm online to calculate using arccosine. I was also thinking about making it relative to the right normal whilst accounting for the front normal, but saner heads prevailed…

Any luck with Constraints? Mine spaz out :sob: prolly cuz of the axis being welded issue.

Unfortunately not at all :((

I’m also looking to do procedural animations with ik.