Change the category guidance in Cool Creations to be clearer on opensource assets

As a developer, the guidance in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations is far too ambiguous in relation to free models and opensource assets. It’s unclear whether or not to flag posts which showcase work when a considerable portion of the work is from the toolbox.

I’ve seen numerous developers in this category who share their work with the community when lots of the assets in their game are free models. They do not specify in the OP which assets are free models, but when asked about this in a reply they will declare the assets did in fact come from the toolbox.

Since they do not initially declare which assets are free models, the OP implies they created the assets themselves. The current category guidance states the following:

The word ‘your’ confirms that any work showcased by a developer must be their own - not somebody else’s. Therefore, when people share their work in this category without declaring which assets they didn’t create, they are implying they created the opensource assets found in the showcase.

Therefore, this breaks the rule below:

As users do not initially disclose which assets they did not create, they mostly always ‘own up’ to assets not being of their creation should somebody question the assets in a reply. Therefore, this rule will technically be ‘unbroken’ by the user, but should users not question the assets in the first place, the OP wouldn’t have confessed to them being opensource, and would therefore still be in violation of the rule.

I don’t believe these users intentionally break this rule; I think the category guidance in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations should be edited to include nothing more than a sentence just to clarify that any free models within the showcase should be identified in the OP, else users will fall directly under rule 17. Something to confirm this would appropriately clear up any ambiguity when flagging these posts.

If this issue was addressed, it would make rule 17 much clearer to users with regards to opensource assets when posting in this category, and it would make the need to flag such posts far clearer. As a developer, this would make critiquing users’ content much easier, as the assets in the game would have to have been created by the OP, meaning developers will not be critiquing opensource assets created by other people.


Posts could be implicitly taking credit for what they added/changed, rather than the whole thing (and thus, what they used from other sources). Of course, I’m not complaining about rules becoming less ambiguous, but I think it goes without saying for most people.