Change the Character Limit

In almost every single post we talk in, we have to evade the Character Limit in any way possible. It’s really annoying and I feel if you set it to 15, it will be way easier/faster to make posts without having to say ‘charrrrrrrr capppppppppppppppp’ at the end of almost every single reply.

If you could change this it would be really much appreciated. Thank you for reading.


If your posts don’t pass the char limit, most likely you’re not saying anything useful, or your post can be summarized or replaced by the like button. This is not an instant messaging platform. Use discord for short conversation.


Well, the character limit is set so users are able to provide detailed responses. If we didn’t have the character limit, half of the replies you would see here would have a lower quality, with bits of sentences that don’t really help with answering the overall question.


This is a bad idea, if you want to say anything below the minimum characters, then you aren’t saying anything useful, you can just like the post or even add more words, this isn’t an instant messaging platform, Use discord (or any other platforms like Roblox Chat and Guilded) for short conversations

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If what you want to say is short and doesn’t get thru the character limit then you can just add words that make what you’re saying longer but basically saying the same thing.

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