Changed function not working

I’ve been trying to recognize a Bool Value change with a script, although it is not working. Nothing shows up in the Output, and the following script is ran in a GUI:


I have tried using “Lighting.Changed”, and the same issue persists with nothing in the Output. The value’s location is correct and the ‘startup’ function exists, so I’m not sure why that is happening, I’ve tried looking for it in the Developer Forum but nothing has helped me. Assistance would be appreciated.

You need to set the string “Value” to the property you want to watch. As for the .Changed not working, provide a code example.

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I’m not sure what you mean in the first sentence, however, the script I made for the Changed function was this:


GetPropertyChangedSignal requires a Property to change & listen for, so it has to be done by finding 1 of these certain properties depending on what object you selected

What is the Lighting object supposed to be?

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The Lighting instance is a Bool Value.

If your changing it on the client side it won’t register in a serverscript. I see no reason for it to work incorrectly, so this is most probably the cause.

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I’m using a Server Side Script for the GUI instead of a Local Script, however, I’m testing the Changed function by changing the value through Roblox’s properties during Game Test. I’ll try changing to a Local Script and using Remote Events.

Yeah, if you don’t switch to server side in game test, it will change it on the client side.image

Click this button and try again.

There is no need for remotes here


Ah that worked, thank you! I had no idea that button even existed.

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