Changed package icon does not revert when changes are rolled back

Reproduction Steps

1) Create a new project
2) Create a script
3) Convert the script to package
4) Change something inside the script (the package changed icon will show up)
5) Undo the change inside the script (the package changed icon will still show up)

Expected Behavior

When package changes revert back to the original, the changed package icon should revert too

Actual Behavior

The changed package icon continues to show even when package changes are reverted to the original:

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ve recorded this bug and it’s now in the pipeline to be fixed.


Nothing has been done about this bug after more than 1 year…

Came across this topic just to point out that something was dealt and it seems that you cannot edit/add anything to the Script Editor unless unbinding the Package feature… Once having new changes to your script, you can publish the package fully:

Somewhat of a workaround that helps a bit while not being fully resolved from what I have understood… :slight_smile:

@rogeriodec_games the current behavior for scripts within a package is by default read-only. If you want to modify a script, you must explicitly click the script and confirm to modify which makes this package changed. To make sure there is no other changes besides scripts, you have to explicitly revert the package by right clicking and selecting undo changes options.

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