Changed spawn map of my game good or bad?

Hey guys I changed the spawn map of my game, cause the other one had copyright and I didnt want that my game gets taken down, so I would like feedback of the new map. (And the game)

Thx for reading :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You should’ve posted images of before and after, probably would’ve gotten more replies. Nice spawn map though.

You should really just put up screenshots, so you’d get a lot more people wanting to reply!

ok! will do rn and if you like the game so far support me with a :+1:

I liked your game, but (ik ur talking about the new spawn map) don’t make gamepass for donate or give points, it’s better make this in developer products, bc if anyone donate or buy points, in gamepass they cant buy the gamepass again, and in the developer product they can buy the same, more times.

true thx for the like! any suggestions how i can get my likes over the dislikes again?
Only 46% liked my game

That is a great map but you could try and add more stuff because on the corner of the map next to the spawn it looks plain and empty.

Maybe instead of the hill next to the shop, you could add a new area for only an amount of speed.

good idea! but i think i will do that in the maps portal area. I think im going to add a sell speed thing

Do pets attract people? i heard that pets build a playerbase

yea, i guess, and if u can a trade option for pets

yea ok will be done in the upcoming update

It looks great! I love it, super low poly feeling! But I think improve on the lighting! Maybe by casting more shadows! Also with a realistic feel this would look GREAT!

ok thx man! Really appreciate it!

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