ChangeHistoryService should have higher waypoint limit and should allow exporting waypoints

Allowing a user to modify the maximum number of undo’s (currently 250) would allow for more complicated use-cases involving plugins including something like a timelapse plugin.
Having this setting either as an attribute of the service, a studio setting, or worst case a fast flag would allow for users who were aware of the increased system requirements to use plugins in more interesting ways.

Allowing change history to be saved to the place file would allow for undo’s and redo’s to be done after a place had been closed, and again allow for more versatile plugin usage.

Allowing “waypoints” to be taken out of ChangeHistoryService and stored elsewhere (then imported in again obviously) would allow for plugins to work around the limitations that currently exist.

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It’s an interesting use-case, but it’s entirely geared towards the use-case of implementing a timelapse plugin. And implementing a timelapse plugin this way sounds like an ugly hack and should not be what ChangeHistoryService is used for. Especially within Team Create with multiple builders at work, this wouldn’t be a decent way of recording.

You would be better of creating a plugin that records every action (or saves a snapshot of changes from last (data)model every X seconds) and saves it elsewhere, to replicate/record at a later point in time. Manipulating the actual live datamodel for the purpose of recording a timelapse is asking for trouble.

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