Changelog 1.4 Site 76


  • Zombie Pathogen rework!

    • Zombie Pathogen is now naturally spread to if players are nearby infected players (Not including Zombies.)
    • The Mobile Task Force and Chaos Insurgency helmets prevent you from becoming infected naturally, but not if you are bitten!
    • There’s now a 20% chance that if you are bitten by a Zombie, you will not become infected.
    • Pathogen Zombies can now open doors.
    • Pathogen Zombie health drain has been reduced, because of this, the healthy perk no longer works with them.
    • Cup of Zombie Pathogen has been removed from the Coffee Machine.
    • Zombie Pathogen containment has been moved from Heavy Containment to Light Containment.
  • The Plague Doctor has recieved a new mask, more accurate to the one in official pictures of him.


  • The Interact System has been rebuilt from the ground up!

    • We’ve reduced a lot of unnessecary loops in order to find which item you are interacting with. There should be a significant boost in performance because of this.
    • The new system also counts players as interactables, meaning it will no longer prioritise one or the other.
    • Players can no longer block interactable items by standing infront of them.
    • Pickpocketting: You can now pickpocket foundation members after they have been killed.
  • The Item Spawning system has also been completely rebuilt from the ground up!

    • Foundation members can now clean up spawned items by holding E on them. They will be rewarded for doing so.
    • The system is now much more scalable, allowing more item spawns to be added
    • New item spawner: Clown Horn. Why a clown horn? You’ll just have to find out…
  • Ammo Cans have been removed from the game… And been replaced with shiny new ones!

    • Ammo Cans can now be placed by Chaos Insurgency members in the prisoner area(s) and maintenance tunnels.
    • Each Ammo Can has a limited amount of uses before it despawns. Foundation members can also remove them by holding E on them. They will be rewarded for removing them!
    • Ammo Cans can be purchased from the Chaos Insurgency armoury. Chaos Saboteurs also spawn with them.
    • Once an Ammo Can is placed, the person that placed it down must stay near it in order for it to spawn in fully. If any foundation members come nearby, the timer will stop.
    • Ammo Cans can be rotated by holding down R and using the scroll wheel.
    • If you place an ammo can down, you can’t place another one within 75 studs!
    • Each time someone takes an item out of the Ammo Can, the person that placed it down will be rewarded, but only for that unique person!
      • Example: One person takes three items out of an Ammo Can, the person that placed it down only gets rewarded once.
    • Ammo Cans have also recieved a new model.
    • Prisoners can still equip their items at the stores.

Weapon Systems:

  • Guns, Punching and Melee have all seen huge improvements!
  • Hitmarkers and friend or foe indicators have been added to all weapons.
  • Hitbox detection has improved for melee and punching.
    • Better bullet replication: You should now be able to see other players bullets correctly.
    • Surfaces now leave bullet holes when they have been shot at.
    • When a bullet flies by your character, you will now hear a sound.
    • Reload sounds have been added to all weapons. (Finally!)


  • Bulletproof Vests (CI and MTF) have recieved new models.
  • As well as this, both MTF and CI vests now completely block damage from backstabs, and tasers only have a 50% chance of stunning you.