Changelog (Patch notes)

Patch note v.0.0.6:

  • Beta coming soon!
  • Rewrited the whole emote’s code
  • Added a lot of emotes

Patch note v.0.0.5:

  • Fixed admin commands
  • Fixed the huge spikes of lag
  • Fixed glitches
  • There was glitches with them so I fixed them (then broke them again lol)
  • Added the emotes

Patch note v.0.0.4:

  • Emotes are almost done
  • Fix a lot of UI glitches
  • Reworked every UI animations

Patch note v.0.0.3:

  • Nerfed RPG (You can no longer reset your inventory to reset the ammo)
  • It is alpha not beta
  • Added leaderstats
  • Added Air Strike
  • Added money (not useful at the time)
  • Added leveling system (not useful at the time)

Patch note v.0.0.2:

  • Fixed Xbox bugs
  • The UI now support all devices
  • Fixed the UI for Medkit

Patch note v.0.0.1:

  • Fixed a lot of bugs (including weird camera, gamepasses)
  • Now works on consoles (different guns to balance)
  • Added medkit
  • Added C4
  • Added Frag Grenade
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