Changes to Experimental Mode games: now hidden from sort


People bring up how old places will be hidden from sort but you forget that they removed genre so people can’t search for them other than the search bar in the first place.


What if the game has turned on the experimental mode, but its only for one player per server?

I mean, games like this where is for one player and if the player wants to exploit it, does not damage anyone else

Edit: the game isn’t able to play since the new update, but here is a gameplay


Unless they have some players and come up just from scrolling through the popular pages?


Hey everyone!

Chiming in here to add a little more context to our previous update:

  • Experimental mode games are currently hidden from the sort. This update is already live.

  • This will not affect the search

  • This will not block anyone from play now


"The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering"

When will this occur, and does blocking mean only friends of the creator can join, or you’ll always get your own, empty server, and the only way for others to join your server is if they’re your friend?


Please do not prevent 13+ users from joining experimental mode games.

If this is the plan, please reconsider. Killing off all classic games owned by users who have moved on from the platform long ago is by no means acceptable collateral damage.