Changes to Hats and Body Parts

I’m no expert, but shouldn’t Futurevision Green Gaze be Face and not Front?

And shouldn’t Pup-'O-Lantern be in Hat instead of Shoulder?

And Pal Hair should be Hair instead of a Hat. Ditto with Brown Hair.

And Dexter the Monkey should be in Shoulder instead of Face.

I believe the Mechanical Wings should be Back and not Shoulder.
Also, the Recycled Cardboard Scarf should be Neck instead of front
Same goes for the Jade Necklace with Shell Pendant and the Eye of Agamotto

2011 paintball mask should be face I think
as should the Virtual reality mask
also there’s like a ton of hair calssified as hats, are they just not finished being switched over yet?

Edit: Also some back items are connected to the head for some reason

There’s only one accessory in the “hair” category, so I believe so.


@Merely How do you recommend making an R15 body part take on the colors of the character’s BodyColors object? I modified the example code to reparent the BodyColors object, seems a bit hacky:

-- Rebuild the rig
-- Note: if applying many body parts at once it is more efficient to call this after applying them all
buildRigFromAttachments(nil, character.HumanoidRootPart)
local bodyColors = character:FindFirstChildOfClass("BodyColors")
if bodyColors then
    bodyColors.Parent = nil
    bodyColors.Parent = character

The new GetLimb() API might help you.

Here’s something I put together.

local function applyBodyColors(character,bodyColors)
	local humanoid = character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid")
	if humanoid then
		for _,v in pairs(character:GetChildren()) do
			if v:IsA("BasePart") then
				local limb = humanoid:GetLimb(v)
				local limbName = limb.Name
				if limbName ~= "Unknown" then
					local propertyName = limbName .. "Color"
					local brickColor = bodyColors[propertyName]
					v.BrickColor = brickColor
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While Hank Hat is a pet, it’s not a shoulder pet, it sits on the head like a hat instead.
Fuzzle is listed as a hair, but it actually sits on your shoulder.
Some bandanas are listed as front such as the Restless Soul Bandana while the rest are in the face category.

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Problematic items

Listed as hats, should probably be hair

Hat, should be face item

should be neck instead of front

both attach to the head instead of torso

should be a face item

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Fire Wizard should be a hat, not a back accessory.

We are preparing to run a batch migrator to update 130 assets that were either missed or incorrectly categorized. Thanks for your feedback, I’ve looked at every post in the thread to make sure we covered them all.

The migrator will take 2-3 days to finish since it’s updating 160 million records. Once that’s done, I will post a thread asking for any assets that we missed.


All accessories have been migrated, feel free to point out any we missed. Pal Hair is huge and will take a while to update the position in everyone’s inventory.


Dug through my stuff again and made a list of everything that seemed miscategorized:

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Are you going to still allow the ability to wear more than one hair as we need to deal with having to wear only one, or whats’ going on? (Sorry I’m not trying to bug anyone or sound rude.)

Royal Cape & Pauldrons Should be shoulder instead of back.

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Are you guys categorizing it per inventory? O_o

When Merely said once they had to do 160M database records, so I guess so ?

That would be weird… so weird I thought he meant redrawing all characters using it

Yes. We denormalize assetTypeId into a bunch of tables for performance, and one of them is the table of user-owned copies of an asset.

So now, every time something like this gift that turned into a scarf comes out, you have to update every owner? I know this is better than doubling the amount of userassets for that item, but it’s gonna be weird in situations like this.