Changes to Roblox High School [Legacy] Server Access

Starting May 30, 2024, the original version of Roblox High School will only be accessible through Private Servers. This means that anyone, regardless of playtime, can play the game by joining or creating their own free private server, and you can invite your friends to join your private server (either by giving them access on Roblox, or sharing the generated server link with people). However, the public servers will no longer be available for anyone to join.

Why is this change being made?

The original Roblox High School was released nearly 10 years ago (on June 26, 2014). This is an extremely old game, and naturally as time has gone on, the game has gradually broken down more and more as Roblox continues to move forward. Due to how ancient and unworkable the code is, it is not possible to continue fixing or updating this version - we made Roblox High School 2 to fix all of these issues and create a safer, more secure, and much more polished version of the game. However, we’ve kept the original version open as-is so that people can still revisit the past.

Roblox High School has been a popular spot for people to revisit past memories - unfortunately though, its well-known status in Roblox history has also led to it being the target of malicious players in recent times, taking advantage of the fact that we can no longer actively monitor it and deal with any issues that arise due to the game’s lack of proper moderation tools. There has been a significant amount of exploiting, harassment, and other seriously inappropriate behavior going on beneath the surface, and we cannot allow the RHS public servers to be an unchecked breeding ground for this type of behavior. We originally tried restricting public server access to only people who had a lot of playtime, but this restriction still hasn’t been enough to stop this behavior.

By making the game accessible through private servers only, this lets each server owner control who has access, so they can only allow trusted individuals and/or block unwanted players from joining. RHS Legacy also has its own built-in admin panel for Private Servers, allowing you to ban players, set admins who can modify the bans, and adjust the server settings.

Access this panel by typing “/adminpanel” on your own private server.

This makes private servers safer to play on, since the server owner can immediately remove anyone who’s causing trouble, and players can choose their own trusted servers to play on, rather than risk encountering random rulebreakers on public servers.

We understand that some dedicated players will be upset by this change, since you’ll no longer be able to go into public servers and meet random people there. However, it’s important to simply understand the reality of the situation and why this compromise is needed. The glory days of RHS have long passed, and the memories of the 2014-2017 era of RHS are just that - memories. Just about everyone who played back then has grown up and moved on with their lives now. The old days that you remember do not exist in the present day anymore, and there will never be any way to relive a 100% authentic experience of that - because it really wasn’t just the game that provided this experience, it was the people.

Change is a part of life, and you shouldn’t try to desperately cling on to a past that doesn’t exist anymore, otherwise you’ll never grow and move forward - some things are better left as fond memories.

That being said, there’s no denying that Roblox High School is an essential part of Roblox history, and it’s always important to preserve these things so that people in the future can look back at how things were back then. This is why Roblox High School will continue to be available on private servers throughout the foreseeable future, so everyone can continue to revisit the game as they please. Plus, with the game’s 10-year anniversary coming up, I’d like to do something special to commemorate this big milestone…

Thank you for your understanding - while the public servers will be closing, the game itself is not going anywhere, and we hope that all of you will continue to enjoy revisiting the game on private servers!