Changes to Roblox Product Development Process

Love this! Would love a more clearer communication from the Game Fund team and what kind of teams they are really looking for.

The message they’re giving off is, only studios that have millions in investments and don’t need the funding! Better email communication and most importantly, a confirmation letter that they even received your submission!

Lots of us have wasted time with this already, let’s make it better for other developers hoping to bring new and innovative games to the platform or we’ll be seeing more high quality studios join Blockage Studios, Vibrant Venture and the creators of Unturned off-platform!


Glad to see Roblox making an effort towards the community. Very good that Roblox has listened to the community about the team create addition and hope that this really is just the beginning!


I find it interesting you guys felt the need to put this in writing. The point of not using Team Create is to use local files, which I get, but ending support for local files would have immediately wiped the ability to read previous local files that people created for well over a decade. I’m guessing that this was never the plan… and please don’t make it the plan. They have been useful for archival purposes and I would really like to not have them becomes unreadable.


There is a fair amount of damage in the relationship between the company and Roblox so I personally won’t celebrate too early about this. We’ve been told several times that our feedback is important and it’s great to have this notification, but I want to see action more than words in the coming future.

It’s great to know that the Team Create update has been rolled back so far, but what does that mean? Will it be attempted again in the future with new changes, potentially even silently once it’s left everyone’s minds, or have the teams involved in it realised that sunk cost fallacy does not need to be subscribed to and the work towards this is being scrapped? This post still doesn’t have enough detail that would help me be at ease about the future of these updates.

The last time I communicated on the Team Create thread, I pleaded for a response that wasn’t damage control and was an actual response on the decisions behind all of this. Despite this seeming commitment to hold the developer community’s feedback at heart and the changes were rolled back (which is good), we are still in the dark about the long term decision-making and planning that went into why this feature was even considered at all. That is still something I want to know.

Given that this response says that the team is determined to engage us and keep us informed about the rationale behind decisions, a good place to start is the Team Create update right here and now on this thread. It received an incredible amount of backlash and genuine concerns not only for our workflow but for the platform’s health. Recognising the issue with the update is one thing, but I want Roblox to do more. Still tell us why that was attempted, what went into it, and what the team plans to do with that update. Somehow I don’t believe this is the end of that and it’s worrying. The dismissal of an update should not equal the dismissal for the need to discuss it.

The relationship between developers and the company has deteriorated terribly in the past few years and I want to know that we can have a lasting commitment on restoring what we once had together as Roblox, the platform and its developers. Words are feel-good for the short term but I don’t want to celebrate early only to get smacked in the back a few short months or years later. It’s just that bad now that I can’t share the same joy some of my fellow developers have about this response. It’s a first step but it’s just that; a first step. There’s nothing to say that Roblox won’t just stop at the first step now as they’ve done so many times in the past, promising some and being difficult more.

It might be a bit harsh to expect so much out of new leadership but I want to know that there is going to be a genuine attempt to repair the symbiosis we have and that this won’t be enshrined again as yet another attempt at damage control before attempting to beat us down again. It hurts when Roblox does this to us in spite of what we do for them. I don’t want to have a transient feel-good post; I want a genuine, visible effort to restore the value of community feedback like so many years ago.

It should take less - or better, no - unified outrage from the community for the teams to recognise that there was a misstep. More needs to happen at the drawing board and less after the fact. My personal view is that I am willing to wait for a lot of features that I want and have them take longer to deliver as long as they are well thought out, productive and help us instead of making the platform more difficult to use or trust going forward. A strong product is more important to me than having a lot of features yet not being able to derive any joy out of developing on Roblox.

Please make sure to hold this commitment dearly this time instead of just saying this for the duration of our anger. The Team Create update is only a small portion of the prevalent issues between the company and the developer community. There is still more work to do.


I’d like to ask about Xbox and the hold-ups on Roblox-wide features on that platform. Feature request and more.

I’d imagine Xbox has strict guidelines, but the lack of many features on Xbox makes me question some things. The quality settings slider isn’t available, certain authentication is not supported, chat is non-existent when it used to be, and so much more.

Few issues and feature requests have seen responses in regard to Xbox. I feel my game, PB & Jay, is best played through a console experience. However, Roblox’s lack of transparency and updates for the Xbox platform has, I feel, destroyed it’s community. I for one stopped using Xbox for Roblox due to many reasons as stated above.

Additionally, It is Roblox’s core value to ‘respect the community’. And, I feel the lack of action in regards to the Xbox community would be deemed not respecting that community. The percentage of players on the platform, as of Roblox’s reports/events over the years, seems to have gone down. I believe there to be some correlation.

In regards to ‘taking the long view’, if Roblox is to expand it’s console market, it must take more of a priority in updating the Xbox Roblox app. Some simple fixes could be applied, but taking Roblox’s core value into consideration here, the entire app should be reworked.

I’d also like to know who created the Xbox Roblox app background music. I haven’t been able to find credits regarding that anywhere, but I love the music. I’d love if that was preserved in the possible revamping of the Xbox Roblox app. From research, it seems @asimo3089 created the background and @Tomarty in 2015 animated the background in addition to the camera.



You both cannot believe how thankful I am.
Just thank you. Thank you.


Hopefully the new leadership will listen to the community a little better this time. Before now, you guys largely ignored developers and did what you wanted anyway despite our collective protest. However, I’ll let bygones be bygones and keep a positive outlook for the future under you guys!

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  1. We are going to do a better job explaining our long-term plans, our thought process, and addressing concerns to not leave you guessing. This will give us a chance to have better conversations with you on the future of the platform.

Appreciate the post and that you’re listening, however we’ve been burned too often by messages similar to this nature, but hopefully you will prove us wrong and show actions for your words.


Can you send me more details about this in a private message? I don’t work on Xbox myself but curious which high priority threads have not gotten a response. Many thanks!


I’m overjoyed that we have gotten a personal response and commitment to retain current development structure. Thank you!

While we’re at it, it would be great if Roblox studio is not blocked from running when disconnected from the internet. Is this something that could happen in the future?


Thank you for rolling this back. Having team create on by default was a rediculous decision.

This community is the lifeblood of Roblox, and every experience every user has had on Roblox is the result of your imagination and hard work.

Respectfully, if you believed this. We wouldn’t be seeing a lot of decisions being made that we’ve been seeing…


This is such a great thing to read, I hope this new leadership really fixes most if not all the major screw-ups.

But like many people, I’m not going to take this with just a grain of salt, I’m having a whole pinch of salt. The trust has withered away over the past few years, let’s hope this change will mend that damage.

I’d still like to know when the dumpster fire known as the beta app is gonna get stoked down and perhaps rolled back or something so us browser users can stop aching.


Thank you Roblox, Nick, and Tian for this update. I look forward to seeing Roblox as a platform becoming better than it was before.

I will be happy to help in any way I can to ensure Roblox delivers quality products in the future.


Thank you for asking about good changes for development

New updates is good of platform to more some issues, they should better have new create experience to help their users of progress for product, and their new plans about devs team in new process to making even steps for some information!


My guess it, like everything, file formats will be backwards-compatible. So even if a new format is received the old one will work fine. Just how word works with both .docx and .doc, with doc just having formatting issues but working fine.


The “Create Tab” was mandated today. Its a downgrade. It sandboxes the interface, RIP URL navigating. There’s no search option. The landscape of 1080 goes to waste. A lot of real-estate is unused in the name of “modern sleekness”. Just big fonts with a lack of actual content occupying the screen.

Uploading audio was a little claustrophobic nightmare for us today.

I hope this management discourages expensive remakes of perfectly ok web 2.0 systems and interfaces in the name of new-ism.

“Team Create Default” “Forced inApp Browser” “Audio Permissions” “Create Tab”

Stop nerfing/idealizing everything.


Nods sagely
Good stuff. What’s on the roadmap?


Thank you so much! It’s heartening to hear this sort of response from Roblox after such significant community feedback.

One thing I’d like to see is for Roblox to open source more of its internal development frameworks and tools. This can be without any clear maintenance commitment, but things like storybooks, developer UI frameworks and specs, and other tools used to accelerate the development of Roblox can really only help Roblox—they’re not useful outside of Roblox’s ecosystem.


Yes, I think them releasing things such as whatever UI Components they use on their studio plugins would be amazing for developers to use to create interfaces that are familiar to users and match the existing layout of Roblox.

As well as things such as official studio plugins so we can make modified forks of them for our own purposes. This could be useful to add features to systems like the animation editor to make it work better for your specific game.


I 100% agree with this, I’d love to see more open source internal development modules.