Changes to the Customer Support process | SDS

Changes to the Customer Support process at SDS.

Hey there.
As we continue to grow, one of our most important things to help you out is our Customer Support. Previously, you can get the Customer Support role once you:

  • Apply for Administration Board team rank or higher
  • Being invited to join
  • No training required.

Starting from today, you must:

  • Be invited to join; you can’t get it if you apply for a job anymore.
  • Training Required; we will begin start training people we invite to our Customer Support team.
  • CS Interviews; we will begin with monthly CS Interviews every month to determined who is gonna be a part of the Team.
  • CS Applications; CS Applications will be available every month for people who isn’t able to attend the interviews.

People who already is in the CS team will be required trainings once we host it. We will not remove you if you fail; you will only be invited to an another training session.

People who attend CS Interviews or apply at applications will be contacted the day after applications closes and will then begin trainings. People who hosts interviews in servers will determine once Interviews is over and announce them in a special server. Then, I will announce who have passed. They will then after that be invited to a Training later that week to become one of CS/ST Agents.

We know that these changes may be confusing, but it is important that we do this. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me.

~ Schedency