Changes to the Popular Sort


When I think “near me” I think within 100 miles, maybe even 250 miles. Not the whole dang US.


I might be wrong. Just looked back and those numbers seem quite low to be the entire US :man_shrugging:


Its definitely by country, and you can see the difference if you go in settings and change your country setting.


Weird. The US stats seem quite low. See @GeorgeTheDev’s screenshot above.


Really wish we could toggle out of this and for it to be off by default. Generally like slower/friendlier games that are more popular with younger age groups and i’m seeing them way lower than I should be now. Not to mention I prefer to make games for the younger age groups and it’s hard to see whats trending and whats not at a glance. Not to mention that despite my games being targeted towards younger audiences, the older ones still account for about half of my revenue. If they’re getting a hit on seeing the game it won’t be helpful for new users to discover what we have to offer.


It’s Thursday at Noon Eastern, and 9 am Pacific. All the kiddos at school, so of course America is low right now, lol.


Ah true. I forgot it was a school day. #collegelife


Jinxed, and also, I would assume that the population is also spread out on a good 200 other games with like 50 to 100 players. Adding them all up together could get you to above like 70k


What you mean, I’m in college too and I’m sitting in class as we speak. College has the same school days lol


It depends on what days you have your classes. Different for everyone :slight_smile:


Besides, finals are over for me so I’m just sitting here doing nothing :slight_smile:


Agreed 100%


That kind of ruins the point though, the popularity for people in your age group needs to stay at top and not moved to popular near you or people are just going to use the old popular sort. Popular near you sort is already good because you can switch your country and then see what is popular in other countries.


I don’t classify my whole country as “near me.” It’s an irrelevant sort as of currently in my eyes.

My issue is now popular is Popular in your age group, and your platform.
Versus there is no way to see what’s popular among all of Roblox now.

When I see a section labeled “Popular” with not prefix or suffix of words describing the condition, I would think it means it’s simple Popular on Roblox. Not limited to my platform, my age, my location, my gender, etc.

I don’t agree with sorting something called “Popular” without making it known to users that “Popular” isn’t just x is popular in general.


Not a fan tbh. I’d prefer if it just stuck to the old way since there isn’t really much of a reason to split things up. I feel like this will only cause more problem on our end than what it is worth.


I wouldn’t mind this being a separate category, but making it just about age is a flawed system imo as many kids(and some of us when we were younger) lie about their age to get past the U13.


i like it but unless a parent watches over a kid they will chose 18+ generally and the game sort is based on all ages for the 18+. Which makes this less valuable to 18+ users. I have noticed no changes to my sort.

This is a very valuable feature though, i like it, you can’t really do much about the 18+ issue so oh well.


Agreed. A huge majority of my fanbase is way younger than me and play on mobile. This restricts visibility of whats popular with other age and device demographics which is pretty important if you’re trying to gauge what interests your top consumers the most.


Hopefully the popular games will change more often now. Also like how we finally see how many people are playing across all platforms!

Although there definitely still needs to be an overall pupular sort too.


Games aren’t rated as 13+ or 13-. This simply sorts the games based on what other people in your age group are playing.

If a bunch of nine-year-olds are playing Phantom Forces, then it will still show up for 13- users.