Changes to the Popular Sort


Hey Developers,

You might have noticed a few changes to the Popular sort on the Games page. We made these changes intentionally with the purpose of showing content that is more relevant to you. Here are some additional details:

What is changing about the Popular sort?
Previously, the Popular sort was sorting by overall player count by platform. This change will now sort by highest player count based on other players in your age group (U13 or 13+) and your platform (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox).

Currently, Game Tiles show player count by platform. Our plan in the near future is to standardize Game Tiles to show the overall player count, across all ages and platforms.

Why are you making this change?
As Roblox grows, our player base is becoming more diverse. By showing what is popular with your age group and platform, we can better serve a larger variety of players.

Please feel free to leave any questions, comments or concerns below.

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I’m not a fan of this being forced upon us. As a developer, I want to see what games are popular on the platform so I can cater to the player base. There should be an option to change how it’s sorted.


Makes sense to me, nice update, but as said above, this means I’m going to have to login to a under 13 account to see what much of my target audience is interested in


I love this


I have to agree with Eryn here.


I love this idea, so many younger audiences tend to have a different idea when it comes to their favourite games. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I am looking forward to seeing this update!


Oh boy, finally! :tada: :fire:


I have mixed emotions about this. As much as I think having an age-specific sort would be an improvement, I also just want to see which games have the most players online. This also means games like Phantom Forces won’t be showing up at the top of popular sort for U-13 players as the majority of its playerbase, I believe, is 13+, so it will be losing out on a lot of potential players.


I’d rather cater to a fan base of U13s, obviously the majority of the player base, rather than 13+. Maybe we can get some options to configure the settings?


Will there be a way to see both audiences / toggle between them? So if I am 13+ and want to see games that would classify as u13.


This is an interesting change, but, seeing how you guys are finally pushing the U13 vs 13+ changes is concerning, because that sounds like we’re getting closer to “13+ only” games like what was talked about at RDC, and that system still scares the heck out of me from how it was launched at RDC.


Maybe leaving popular how it was and adding a new category on top for this new functionality would be the best course. I’d be interested in seeing both without having to change a setting.


To add to your idea, maybe replacing “Popular Near You” with “Popular in your Age Group” and leaving the regular popular unchanged?


Yes please! I’ve personally never used the ‘popular near you’ sort.


I agree with this, too. My games typically cater to an audience much younger than myself, and I want to see what’s popular overall as this feels too forced and classed.


It would be nice if there was a way to choose our own filter. A dropdown with some checkboxes of what to sort and filter by similar to online retail websites could be a solution.

As others have said, as a developer, I want to be able to see what games have a lot of players on each platform so that I can use that information in designing my next game to fit current trends.


Not to mention it has no mentions of what is considered “near”
None of the “popular near you” is different from popular anyways.


This is a nice change, but I would prefer to have the regular popular sort and a sort of “Popular for your age”.


My roommate @FearMeIAmLag literally just mentioned this to me :joy:

To add, ‘Popular Near You’ isn’t very specific. I believe it’s country based and not region based, so living on the Eastern coast of the US we see the popular near you for ALL of the US, and not just the eastern coast.


I check the games page daily to see what players are playing with the intent to study and take what is trending and implement it into my own games.

Being forced to only see what my own age group is playing/likes is very bad and will hide me from very significant information that I need to know.