Changing a camera's max angles so it can go upside down

I’m making a flying script and in this game I’d like you to be able to go fully upside down when flying. I’d also like you to be able to go up and down at 90 degree angles. The problem is, when you look up or down, the max angles are 80 degrees, so you can’t fully look up or down.

I’ve found some posts about it, and I’ve tried all of them, but they haven’t worked.
One post had an example of what I’m trying to create.

I have no code for it right now, because none of them worked, but I know I’m going to need to set the camera to scriptable and make my own camera. The problem is, I have no idea how to do this whatsoever, some resources to point me in the right direction could go a long way, ty!

open an empty baseplate and press play.
go to game.players.localplayer.PlayerScripts.PlayerModule and copy it

close the game and put the copyed file in game.starterplayer.starterplayerscripts

now go to game.starterplayer.starterplayerscripts.PlayerModule

on line 16 and 17 you see the values of the maximum orientation of the camera, increase those to 90 and - 90


Thank you, this doesn’t entirely achieve what I wanted it to, but it helps.

You should clamp the value by using math.clamp(x, min, max) before it updates to the actual angle.

Wait, I’m a little confused on what this actually does, is there a post or something about it?

Clamping limits a value between the minimum and maximum. It is very handy to use for sanity checks around numbers.

Oh okay, thank you! 30 ch ar ac ters