Changing a character to another character [Update]

hello, some time ago I created a post regarding creating custom characters and changing them to another character.

this is the link to that post:

the post was solved by me after I discovered a way to change characters however it was messy.
the post got a lot of attention but I I think people should use a method that is a lot cleaner.

so I took a bit of time and created a save file with a basic character change system:
custom character updated example.rbxl (31.4 KB)

in this example, you can switch into 3 different test rigs via a gui button.
I used this in past projects and I think its a lot better than what was in the old post.
feel free to poke around and use it to help you create custom character content.


How would you connect this to a proximity prompt?

if you call the new character module using an event from a proximity prompt and provide the proper arguements you should be able to do it that way.

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