Changing bubble chat colours according to group rank

Greetings, I’m wondering how I would go about making the bubble chat text/background colour change depending on what rank you are in a group. I know this has been asked before, but I still can’t find an answer as to make it so certain group ranks have different bubble chat colours.

Here’s an example of this: image

If you have any examples or ideas as to how to solve this, please drop a reply. :heart:


You’d have to first of all get a copy of the ChatScripts which are inserted into Chat when you launch a game, paste then into Chat afterwards.

You can modify the BubbleChat using the BubbleChat local script. For actually changing the colour, I’m unsure.

The best way would be making your own bubbleChatBubble or fork the ChatScripts to find the ChatColor, BubbleChatColor or BackgroundColor3.

Mhm. I know how to change the colour, as seen in the screenshot. I am just unable to find out a script that will change the colour depending on your group rank.

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You’d have to add something to BubbleChat to check people’s rank and then set the colour accordingly

Maybe a combination of IsInGroup and GetRankInGroup combined with a dictionary?