Changing Decal for Cafe Menu

I’m working on a menu for my cafe group and I want the menus to change to a different decal every so (would use a wait variable) and I’m having trouble with the script to do this. I have looked on DevFourm and DevHub for answers.

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local waitTime = 20 --how often the image changes
local decal = workspace.Decal --your decal here

local decals = {



while wait(waitTime) do
    local randomDecal = math.random[1, #decals]
    local chosenDecal = decals[randomDecal]

    decal.Texture = chosenDecal

Would be something like this,
Tho I don’t recommend using while wait loops too often.

Instead of doing while wait(waitTime) do, make it while true do and put the wait(waitTime) on a separate line.


Hello I want ask one question. What if I want make it frame?