Changing Default Animations Not Working

I would like to change the default animation to the Toy animations, in my game. They should show for both the local user and others.

Simply, it doesn’t work. Tried many, many, many tutorials.

Looked on YouTube, Developer Forums, everywhere. Forking didn’t work, local/server side scripts didn’t work. Not sure what to do.

After some extra research, apparently I can’t use animations I didn’t create? But this is an official Roblox animaion pack?

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In the command line, try getting the animation id like this:

game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(id).Parent = workspace

The id for example would be something like this ( Just the numbers ):

Then once the model is in the workspace, simply copy the Animation object into the script which changes the animations ( Which I assume you already have ).

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When executing
game:GetService(“InsertService”):LoadAsset(973766674).Parent = workspace
nothing is added to the workspace (when running the game or not)

I’m new to Roblox Studio so I might be making a dumb mistake somewhere

Edit: After trying again, it works. I did exactly the same thing. Programming

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Remember, you need to use the command line:

then you need to replace id with the number/asset id of the animation on the website. For example, the run animation:

game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(i973766674).Parent = workspace

I’d also like to ask. You do have a script which replaces the default animations correct? You’re just having trouble getting the animation id’s?

I currently have no scripts for replacing the default animations. I do know how to get them, but it didn’t work for me when I replaced the animation IDs, my character just slid frozen. Probably should of put that info in the help request ay

Perhaps since the animation is different to the default, it’s not loading?

Anyway, here’s the link if that helps:

As far as I understand you want to collect the animations from the Toy Animation Pack and use them in a player?

This is an example of how to do it:

Correct. I want to change the default animations (running, walking, jumping, ext.) to the Toy Bundle version. I’ll try your method

Sure, try it, Im sure it works I just changed this to 43 cause thats the Toy pack:
local BundleToGet = 43

Put Bundle 43. Is the script supposed to be in ServerScriptService? If so, my version doesn’t work. The console prints the names out but doesn’t actually change the Animation IDs.

Yup, just change that line to 43 and thats it. Yes the script should be in ServerScriptService. Because the script is sending a request to get the pack and collect the IDs, sometimes takes like 5 seconds until the animations loaded and start to play. Try it again, and keep it open longer time.

Something weird is going on then. After printing, the animations still don’t change, even after resetting.

Look how long takes to me, like a couple of seconds maybe, notice carefully when my character pose slightly change, thats when the animations are done to load.

I’ll upload a clip. Maybe I don’t have the permissions to access the animations?

Those are from Roblox, as you can see in the videos Im sending, Im allowed to use them, same as you

Bruh. What is goin on. I’ll try to save and reset Studio

Test my script in a new baseplate, an empty one, I mean, no scripts at all.
I think that the 2d game layout you are using its using a custom or different version or handling data of the CharacterController, in order to display the game in 2d.

You should check the Animate script in your game, verify if something is setting the animations.

My script will be helpful to make sure you are using the correct IDs and works. But you gotta implement those IDs in your game, cause apparently your game is taking control of the animations.

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You are right. I have zero idea how or what is changing the animations but I guess I’ll just have to figure that out. Tysm

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I suppose you did not create the scripts in your game, someone else did it? or you using the default roblox template of 2d game? I could check it if thats the case

You are correct, I am new to Roblox Studio and are using lots of tutorials to create my simple game. Although I’m learning, I suppose I overlook basic mistakes when trying to code for myself. I both forked them and used tutorials.

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