Changing experience privacy settings shuts down team create servers

Reproduction Steps
Open a place in Studio that has Team Create enabled
Change the experience privacy settings from public->private or private->public
Your team create session will shutdown when privacy settings are changed

Expected Behavior
Team create servers should never shutdown unless they are specifically requested to.

Actual Behavior
Developers are booted from Team Create when changing privacy settings on the experience.
In my experience, privacy is only toggled when opening a development environment open to testers. This is something we do often and it’s inconvenient having to pick up where we left off every time.
This happens mostly every time, but there seems to be no pattern in the times it doesn’t occur.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Connectivity
Impact: Low
Frequency: Often


Hello! The engineers are aware of this issue. I will update the thread when I will get more information.

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