Changing Hand colour for gloves

What do you want to achieve? I’m trying to make a gloves tool that can toggle visible gloves on the player.

What is the issue? I cant seem to finalise on a method to make gloves work.

What solutions have you tried so far? I’ve tried:

  • adding a coloured white decal on all sides onto the hand but this doesn’t show up in the first person view model.

  • setting the hands part colour to the colour I want which would make logical sense but Roblox demands u select all the parts in the arm to colour it for some odd reason.

  • Duplicating the hand will not work bc it doesn’t work with the games assets.

  • Looking on devforum but ive prolly not searched deep enough
    send help

Why not make/find a 3D glove Model mesh and weld it on top of the players hands?

You could put a Texture on the arms that’s transparent on the hand so the arms (sleeves) stay that colour, then change the arm colour to change the hand/glove.

that would be the same as duplicating the hand and changing the colour of that since it wont work with my games assets

wont it do the same as decals?

When I enter first person the view model hands don’t change colour.

But do the arms change colour in first person when you change them? I can’t see why a texture on the Arm Parts wouldn’t work.

Here’s another post about first person views I found when searching. I’m not sure if it will benefit you. Suddenly in the game the visibility of hands in the first person stopped working - #7 by KovarMachane

So my first person view model sets the local transparency modifier to 0 when in first person for arms. Is this why its not working?

Just to be clear, the hands do show, its the decals on all sides of the hand (which is what the glove is) that will not work when in first person.

Does the transparency modifier make decals Transparency 0 as well, or just Parts?

Just the parts are set to 0, decals are somehow made transpaent.

Can you just set the Decal Transparency to 0 in a script?

yeah i tried that doesn’t work