Changing how tools are held?

How would i achieve different positions for tools being held? I’m trying to have this jump bag held out like this:
Annotation 2020-09-07 135107

But in reality it is held out like this:

Is there a way to change this? If so could someone please direct me in the right way would be extremely helpful!

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I believe there is a plugin for tool grip?

Can you show which part is the handle.
One more thing, it might be the way you have set the position for it.

Theres only one part named “Handle” with the mesh inside of it, im trying to stop the arm from being held out and add my own way for how it is held.

Try using the qPerfectionWeld script which is in the toolbox and try using that.

Making a script which will weld it it into the arm on equip and unweld it on unequip.

The easiest way to do this that I can see is to use a plugin. There is one for free by EgoMoose here or you can buy CloneTrooper1019’s plugin for 25 Robux. I personally use the 25 Robux one but from what I’ve seen either should work.