Changing MeshPart into SpecialMesh while maintaining scale/size

Lets say I have a MeshPart with a certain MeshId and a certain Size (for instance lets say size of,10,10)), and I were to make a SpecialMesh with the same MeshId. How would I calculate the Scale of this SpecialMesh so it matches with the MeshParts Size? I know I can’t just change the Scale to,10,10). Is this even possible at this given time?


All you’d have to do is SpecialMesh.Scale = MeshPart.Size.

I don’t know where you got that SpecialMesh’s Scale property isn’t a Vector3, because it is. Check out the devhub!

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Hmm, I think I didn’t explain it that properly. Let me use actual examples then.

as you can see this meshpart has the size of (8.194, 13.798, 14.742)

and for this one if i were to give it a scale of the meshparts size it would be too enormous.
I just need some sort of way to figure out this specialmesh’s scale so it scales with the meshparts size.