Changing mouse over gui

Hi! I am trying to change the players mouse using:

local mouse = game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse()
mouse.Icon = ""

But it won’t work over a Gui. In this article over Mouse.Icon it explains that it won’t work while the mouse is over a Gui. Is there a way to get around this?

    mouse.Icon = "url"
    mouse.Icon = "default icon url"

Not tested m on phone rn

Sorry, but it is not working. Its weird that I am not getting any errors.

Am on ph rn and it’s 12 am. Sorry am not being able to help u

Its fine! I will try to find a tutorial.

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Not possible unless you make your own custom mouse.

Roblox doesn’t let you change your mouse icon on GUI objects (Most likely because you could change mouse icons for CoreGui? Unsure)

Best option you’ve got rn is to use an “mouse gui”, track the mouse’s position using renderstepped and make the “mouse gui” go to that position every frame, just like a “fake mouse”

Here is the answer!

local button = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Frame

local mouse = game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse()

local icon = button.Mouse.Mouse


game:GetService("UserInputService").MouseIconEnabled = false

icon.Visible = true



game:GetService("UserInputService").MouseIconEnabled = true

icon.Visible = false



icon.Position =, mouse.X - 25, 0, mouse.Y - 25)


You have to create a ImageLabel to use as a mouse.

Here is a DevForum Post about it.

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I don’t get it though, why are you using renderstepped AND gui events?

Gui event is to see if the mouse in on the gui

Isn’t it just easier, better and more efficient to just leave the “fake mouse” always visible instead of turning it on and off everytime you hover over a gui?

Ill try to fix it to work without the gui event

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