Changing recommended games

Hi all,

In the past when looking at the games paged below are the recommended games, normally these games where relevant to what the game was on even if it was an old place it will always change depending what type of theme the game was based on.

Example below:

Here is the list of recommended games for a showcase I created of a modern house in 2016. As you can see all the games recommended are very similar theme to what the place is.

However this year none of the places are not correct with what i’ve created just being games on the front page example below.

This screenshot is from my recent showcase I created called Totoro in this year, a place based on the the popular movie “My Neighbour Totoro” As you can see the games recommended below aren’t the same as the first image as they all are just popular games from the front page, nothing that relates to the theme of the showcase like the first image I shown you.

Honestly I feel like this feature should of stayed in the platform because it helped users look at other people’s work that related to what they have search and also helped small devs gain some visits in their work they made instead of viewing front page games.


While I understand where you’re coming from, I think the recommended section is to help users find games they might enjoy. Often times games pop up that aren’t actually on the front page.

If I create a new place and put nothing in it, I don’t want the recommended sort to show as a bunch of blank places, I want to see things that I can play and enjoy.

In conclusion, I think this feature is fine as it is.