Changing Size of Imported Blender Rig corrupts the animation

Hello Animators/Modelers :slight_smile: ,
Our Lead Animator has tried to import a horse with animations from Blender into a skinned mesh.

Now, the issue is that when imported to Roblox, the rig is huge, and resizing it breaks the animation.

All bones in the rig seem to be positioned correctly, yet the animations become corrupted.

Before Re-sizing

After Re-sizing

I did not manage to find any topic on this on the dev forum, so please, if there’s a topic on this matter already, please link it to me :slight_smile:

I am not 100% if this is the right category for this, I posted it here because it is related to animation/modeling

Any help is very much appreciated :pray:,


When you scale just the rig or the animation without scaling the other, it can look corrupt because of the over/under sized rig and the positional component of the animation.

You can scale an animation using this process:

  1. Before exporting the animation to roblox, load the animation on a rig. Save the animation which will store the animation in the rig’s AnimSaves folder.
  2. Select the saved animation in the explorer pane. Put this code in the Roblox studio command bar, adjust the SCALE variable to the desired scale, and run the command.:
    SCALE = 5 for _,v in pairs((game.Selection:Get()[1]):GetDescendants()) do if v:IsA('Pose') then local cf=v.CFrame v.CFrame=cf+(cf.p*(SCALE-1)) end end print('Scaled animation by:',SCALE)
  3. Open the animation editor again and load the animation from the saved data. It is important that you do not skip loading the animation.
  4. Export the animation as normal to Roblox.

You can scale a rig using this process:

  1. Select the rig, adjust the SCALE variable in this code and run it in the command bar:
    SCALE = 5 print('Set "Move" increment to:', (game.Selection:Get()[1]:GetExtentsSize().y)*(SCALE-1))
  2. Copy the output number, and paste it into the studio “Move” increment.
  3. Use the default Roblox Scale tool to resize the rig up (or down if making it smaller) by one snap.
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Thanks :slight_smile: . I’ll try and let you know if worked.

there is a plugin that will resizer the model and animation:


Thanks so much, @VitalWinter and @AkronObertron .
Both of your solutions are great, though I selected the plugin because it was much easier to use.
I hope both of you are okay with that.


Any idea how this is done now that the plugin no longer works?

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