Changing start place name using Game Settings doesn't change experience's name

Changing start place name using Game Settings in Studio doesn’t change experience’s name, causing the experience to be displayed with the wrong name in some locations, despite both Configure Experience and Configure Place showing the new name.

Where the wrong name is displayed:

  • Home page, Discover and everything relate
  • Friends Playing

Where the correct name is displayed:

  • Studio, Asset Manager
  • Develop page
  • Experience’s page

Sorry about the delay! Is this issue still occurring? Thanks!

Yeah. Though it’s different now.

The name set in Studio Game Settings now applies to the experience only. It doesn’t update the start place’s name, which is inconsistent with the website configuration pages that update both names at the same time.
(I do like that, though. Not because I have any use for that, I just hate artificial software limitations and since the names always were and still are two different things I see no point in force syncing them.)

So after changing the name, I looked at my recently played experiences, and surprise surprise… it’s back to it’s original name, prior to any name changes using the Studio Game Settings.

That means it’s now showing under 3 different names.

Old name (not supposed to appear anywhere): Home page, Discover, Friends Playing, Chat
Experience name: website except above (working as expected)
Start place name: when joining the game (also working as expected)

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and will follow up when we have an update for you.