Changing the angle during an interpolation

Hello ! I would like to know how I could add an offset of the angle of a CFrame when it is interpolated with TweenService.


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@agentbugr What would you like tween? A camera or an object?

I would like to tween the camera

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Use the CFrame:ToObjectSpace(CF) function

it does not work during the interpolation

Do you know how to use this?
And show me what you are trying +
Check out here

I try to shake the camera while it is moving so by changing the angle

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If you want my help, then you know what you need to do

shake like this :

Okay, I just saw the first three seconds and I understand you better now. Nope, I think they just did it with the camera (so the Camera Animaiert without TweenService, MoonSuite for example) or they tweaked Separate (Position tweent) and at the same time changed the Camera Rotation. If you change this code, you can get your result (I hope so for your sake):

Ok, thanks for your help i will try to do this

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