Changing the default touch movement control

Hey everyone,

As some of you may of noticed, a few games on mobile have changed their default control scheme to “Dynamic Thumbstick” instead of the standard thumbstick that has been on Roblox for some time. We are planning to adjust the default control for users to be this new Dynamic Thumbstick in the next couple of weeks. Users can still pick other control schemes in the in-game menu if they so choose, and of course a developer can force various control schemes if they feel it is appropriate for their game (see this article for more info if you are curious)

We believe going forward this will reduce clutter on screen for our users, and give developers more freedom in their games. Please feel free to give any feedback you might have below!


Cool, just an update I needed, because it felt painful with the mobile controls though.

Still looking to see gyro controls be the default setting for vehicle controlled movement. Steering via moving the phone is much more precise than the standard thumb stick layout has ever been. Sure, those of us that want it could make it, but it’d never be as good as Roblox’s own.


Wanted to give a heads up on this, we are planning on making Dynamic Thumbstick the default control method for mobile users starting this upcoming Monday. Users can still change their control scheme in the in-game menu, but if the “Default” control scheme is selected users will now get Dynamic Thumbstick instead of the regular thumbstick.


Had some issues turning this on today, most likely we will ship this a week from this Wednesday (11/14)

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With Dynamic Thumbstick enabled, I am having difficulty selecting gui ImageButtons. Pressing the button moves the character instead of activating the button on small screens such as a mobile phone.

Updated: I increased the button sizes, and now the buttons work as expected.

This can happen depending on the ordering of the UI layers. You can either increase the display order of your UI, or a better fix may be to not show user facing UI in the bottom left hand corner on mobile. Generally the fewer buttons you have to show at once, the better.

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On a small device such as a mobile phone in landscape mode, this is very restrictive. I can basically only use the top half of the left side for GUI buttons, since GUI buttons on the bottom half are not responsive when using the dynamic thumbstick.

PS I tried changing the z-index to 2, but that did not help.

you would need to change the DisplayOrder property on your ScreenGui, as the ordering is per screengui since the mobile controls are in their own ScreenGui.

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Probably the developer has selected this type of input as the default for the game. Test to see if you can replicate this on your own place a as well as a few others.

Have you also checked what your controls are at up to?

It’s probably a default for that place, as @WingItMan said.
You shouldn’t bump old public announcment and update threads, as it confuses the devforum into thinking that something new and official may have happened, it would be best if you deleted your post and remade it as a thread in bulletin board and ask for a top contributor to move it to the right board for bugs, although I am pretty sure this isn’t a bug.

Our team loves how easy it is to control with dynamic thumbstick. However, we had to turn it off as default because players were getting confused on why they couldn’t tap on imagebuttons in billboardguis on the left part of their screen. We use billboardgui imagebuttons for actions such as exiting your house in our game “Adopt Me”, and players felt they were trapped in their houses because the exit buttons weren’t working

We have a fix going out for this shortly. @TheGamer101 will know the specifics


That’s great to hear! Thank you!

@TheGamer101 On a different but related note: Will TouchTapInWorld work on the left side of the screen once your patch is implemented?

Yes, the change should fix this as well. The change basically means we will use context action service to handle input for the dynamic thumbstick and only sink drag events. Right now we always sink the input in the thumbstick area even if it is a tap which was likely intended for something else.


Thank you. I changed the DisplayOrder from 0 to 10 and now my buttons in the lower left half of the touch screen work with Dynamic Thumbstick movement mode.

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