Chaotic Newspapers! Feedback Requested (changed the game name ;d )

Hey guys, I recently updated my game and added alot and I mean alot of stuff.


Added new lumberjack job
Added mailtruck to replace the bikes
Changed the location of the factory
Added new opposing buisness
Added new killer robot
Overhauled the map with custom made building meshes and props + lumberyard


Fixed bug where when you left the game your car wouldn’t despawn
Fixed bug regarding Chaos store
Fixed bug where killer npc’s would not die

The entire reason why I did all of this was because of this one dude.

So if you are reading this, thank you for making me go out of my way to overhaul the game xd

Difference in map, as seen here.

I hope to see your feedback!

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whoops forgot the game link lol

i will be in the game :smiley: give me feedback there

Concept for new tutorial

continue the music
make the goal more clear

-map design good
-character movement great

Thank you guys!!!

You’re welcome. Would love to play it if something wasn’t stopping me!

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Hi. Like the updates. Greay idea to make the buildings brighter and more pleasing. Liking the lumberjack role and the new mail truck.

Can we please have it so when we hit a fire hydrant in the truck it gets knocked over and water sprays out. It would be fun.

It would be good to have a time limit on delivering the papers. Perhaps a bonus for being really quick and less money if you are slow.

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Im so sorry, its almost like your the person in the screenshot threatening to rip off my game :laughing:

Thank you! I will be sure to add these in. Should be a pretty simple fix lol

Today is a big day!


-Completely NEW jeep chassis! Now more sturdy than ever!
-Added water to the map, no more jumping off into a void!

Added badges!

Im still looking for feedback you know!

please give me feedback

Fixed the tutorial! Now instead of a slideshow you can click “next” or “previous”


Fixed the npcs from killing eachother, also fixed the npc’s properly following eachother

-Added a new feature called Chaos Alert, it randomly takes a chaos event from the chaos store and implements it into the game!

plz give me feedback guys im good for it

Edit: I also implemented badges!!
Edit: Also new icon and thumbnail!