"Chapel of the Damned" - New TDM/FFA map for Redshift Arena [ looking for feedback! ]

I have changed the floor textures to be something more like a floor.

As for the edges of geometry, I’ll definitely be looking into making them more noticeable.

This may be too far for Roblox. Not entirely sure yet. Might just remove the upside down soldier. Currently trying to make the place feel more like hell. Gonna also be updating some of the architecture. Perhaps a staff member could confirm if this is okay or not? :joy:

I’d parody the icon used , also I recommend deleting or bluring the image so that any potential risks of moderation is avoided across the devforums.

Here’s some concept art:


Looks nice, the lights are smooth like how do you get it that way for me it is not a smooth fade out it’s more square and not nice looking.

It even is like that on high quality

As for that one picture that your not sure of with the upside down star, I don’t really think it would be ok. With what it stands for etc, kids play Roblox so don’t know if a perent seen it

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Looks straight out of 2005 (Not in a bad way…)

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I believe it could be because I maximized everything under Radeon Settings, except for anti aliasing (which is forced off.)

Although, it could simply be due to the fact I’m using textures and textures make the lights appear more smooth. I’m also using Voxel in this map so there’s that.

Exactly what I was going for!

Though I was trying to go more for a 1999 style with this map (since it was inspired by some of Quake 3’s maps.)

It looks like I could find it in a game from 1998-2005

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Sounds about spot on! :slight_smile:

The entire game has a 1999 - 2004 art style, so I’m happy it’s not too detailed or overly graphical. :stuck_out_tongue: