"Chapel of the Damned" - New TDM/FFA map for Redshift Arena [ looking for feedback! ]

Hi everyone!

This is a new map I’m working on currently. It’s a hell-themed, asymmetrical Gothic castle that’s focused on fast paced arena combat, unlike the previous maps that have released for Redshift Arena that are more like Unreal Tournament: medium to large maps that are much more open.

Anyways, I thought I’d try something new and create something that’s not scifi themed, and something that’s much more centered around CQC.

I hope this map will be one of the more enjoyable maps in my game. :slight_smile:


I’d say, it looks good. What could be improvements could be extra details to highlight the hell theme or Gothic. Such as banners, wall decorations or weird vegetation.

Besides that, I noticed that the map is using 90° turns a little too frequent.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll definitely look into adding banners once I create some textures for them.

And yeah, I know the map is sorta … abusing 90 degree turns heavily. My next map will hopefully not use them as much - I just didn’t want to overcomplicate this level’s geometry.

The chapel feels rather empty, simplistic. I think adding extras like statues or doors off their their hinges in some hallways would give it a abandoned vibe.

example of how the main entrance could’ve been made:


Thanks for the feedback!

Will definitely be incorporating something like that into the map’s design.

Do you have any other suggestions? :slight_smile:

The lighting could’ve been more satanic considering it’s labeled “damned”.

You could’ve also had spirits coming out of the hallways so it could symbolize the lost souls that are trapped inside the chapel to rot for eternity.


More satanic lighting? I’m assuming deeper reds & stuff like that.

The idea of the spirits flying in through the doorways was something I hadn’t thought of previously - will be doing this as it’s a pretty cool idea. :slight_smile:

Well the overall atmosphere of the chapel doesn’t really send any chills down my spine. You could have the hallways look more damaged then fully furbished.
Ex’s of lighting/atmosphere:

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Will definitely be doing that as well. :smiley:

Was mainly going for a Doom 2016 blended in with Doom 3 for the lighting, though I realize now it might be a bit too bright. Then again, this is an arena shooter so players have to be able to see.

I do like your use of textures, but the map would visually appeal a lot better if you were to use different textures for the floor / ceiling. Having the same type of brick on both the floor and walls makes it hard to quickly observe what areas are in reach and which are not.

This screenshot is an excellent example of how using only 1 texture results in a mess.
I would suggest to use a slightly more clean texture for the floor, such as (broken/cracked) floor tiles. Bonus if their color is different so it doesn’t blend in with the walls.


Look into getting a different texture for the floor? The brick texture does not do the stairs any justice.

Minor detail, but it’ll be a good idea to fix the stretching on those rocks with a quick fix of the uvs.

Populate the scene a little with some crumbling rocks, broken columns, skeleton bones, chains, swords, and whatnot.

@Yozoh @Wsly

Redid the floor texture - how does it look?

I’m also a big fan of these corner meshes I found recently. Really helpful in quickly creating archways, or in this case, a curved floor (or whatever this is called since it’s suspended.)


Anyway to change the “emission” rate of Beams? Currently working on the spirit idea, but this is the only problem I have currently.

Not entirely sure, though here’s a visual if you want to do it differently.


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It seems like its “adventurous” in there. I wish i could download it…

Are they public? I’d appreciate a link if you could provide one.

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What do you mean, are what public? The floor textures on the floor I’m assuming?

Yes, the textures.

Oh I know, I’m doing that right now too.

They’re present in my SDK for Redshift Arena.

The floor texture, however, is not. Though I plan on adding that in tonight.

With having walls/floors using the same textures, having something to define an edge the player can get up to is pretty important. If its a simple edge, having an extra part running its expanse is enough to say “Hey, there is another area up here, and you can get up here!”

I personally think this would be really useful in this part of the level, as the use of the same texture throught makes the depth of upper levels slightly harder to figure out on first glance, as there isn’t anything to distinguish its seperation.

Suddenly, its crystal clear where an edge is and it shows me my playable space really nicely.

Additionally, landmarking and defining doorways/paths. Defining doors doesn’t necessarily need doing, so long as landmarking is done correctly. What is going on in these different areas? Can they be defined down into a specific thing? In our later images we see a giant pit with lava, How can we emphasise the depth? What can we do to make it even more eye-catching? How can we make this area stand out? As an added bonus finding and enchancing these also makes a level memorable.

After we do that, the player should be able to go through a level, seeing all these landmarks and begin piecing together a map of connections. Failing this however, giving doorways/connectors some definition/traits of that room really helps a player navigate. As you’re using almost the same texture throughout the build, this will be pretty necessary.