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Howdy everyone! Domino here,
Today I am talking about and discussing a decision which bothers me, Here is the explanation. I am creating a game, A horror based chapter game. “A piggy ripoff?” to which I say no for I do not like to follow copy and paste based development “My opinion, (take it with a grain of salt)”. Anyways this game has been in my mind for a while now and cant figure out how to pull it off. I have been story and lore script writing, but I just got to figure out how to get the game started. So what I am asking? To please vote down below on what I have thought about for the first chapter and the Map. I have though about a couple of ideas but it really depends on the story that I can assign following the lore for some of the characters that I have devised for the story and chapter one.

    • The Theatre (Movie or classical)
    • Shipping port
    • The sewers
    • The hideout
    • Your idea (Reply)

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Thanks so much! I hope you all have a good day or at least in the time you receive this XD thank you all so much and be sure to leave your thoughts below…

Shipping Port sounds like a completely original title that doesn’t relate or copy off any other games.

If you are going on the path like Roses, then like Roses, I would suggest making the player’s camera 1st Person.

But other than that, good luck!


@Gchords-- Funny thing, I have actually drawn out a concept for the port for it was my original idea for it, Now yes I also like my idea being the Theatre for It will be completely set to my universe. The shipping port idea i tried did not go very well for i did not like the look of one of the buildings, Being a set of two depots by the harbour ;). Thanks so much and if you have anything else please do be sure to share it with me!

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Depends, what are you using as the “Piggy”?

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not exactly being a piggy for it depends on the skins i decide to add as the game goes on and what the chapter’s assigned lore it

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But like per say, are you using animals? Aliens? This is important info to make a good decision.

He is using human beings as it might be the easiest to do but we dont know down the line if we will add different type of mythical creatures.